Leadership Team

Clint Delisle

President, Chief Consultant

An APEGA-certified engineer with nearly 20 years of experience in custom software development and consulting, Clint is the engine of R2 Solutions. His breadth of consulting experience in Oil & Gas, Finance, Telecom, Utilities, Medical, and Military projects underpin each project undertaken at R2-Solutions. A dedicated problem-solver and chronic workaholic, Clint loves purportedly impossible projects and takes great pride in marrying innovation and experience to find the elegant solution.

Regardless of the hat he is wearing - Consultant, Analyst, Project Manager, or Software Architect - Clint is always considering every possible angle. In doing so, the solutions he designs for R2's clients are robust, enduring, and always executed with an eye towards the long term.

Those rare hours not submersed in client challenges typically find Clint under the hood of a car. Sometimes his own, but more typically his spare time is spent repairing, maintaining, diagnosing, or test-driving vehicles for friends and co-workers. The bane of the crooked mechanic, Clint accepts scotch and steak as payment for advice and shop-time.

Tim Klassen

Director, Business Development

A native Calgarian with 18+ years of experience working in Oil & Gas software, Tim brings a diverse background of problem solving and an extensive network to bear on each and every custom solution undertaken at R2. He makes a point of keeping the customers' needs up front and centers R2 on making sure the people that hired us look good!

With a deftness for galvanizing bright people into strong teams and connecting problems with solutions, Tim remains involved in each project from identification through to delivery. His experience in usability, technical writing, client training, and software design give Tim a compelling insight into the client's perspective. It's from this foundation that he is able to develop open and honest dialogue with clients to negotiate solutions that fulfill their needs without overstepping their budgets.

In addition to his R2 work Tim takes on the roles of being a passable cook, avid reader, and declining sportsman. Tim's focus away from the office revolves predominantly around his family. While he still plays hockey and soccer with groups he's been involved with for 20+ years in Calgary, supporting his kids in their various activities through coaching and volunteering is what happily fills most of his evenings and weekends.